Are you trying to decide whether to wear your hair Up or Down on your wedding day?   Brides often face this dilemma, but fear not, today we give you some of the best advices from our many years experience working with  the  brides all over the world. 


 If you want to cut to the chase,  these are the questions you should be asking yourself in order to make a decision:

   How do you usually wear your hair? 

   Are you more comfortable with it up or down? 

  What kind of dress are you wearing

 We  find the decision between hair up or hair down is one of the most common difficulties many brides face in the run-up to their wedding.


 Hair, after all, is a woman’s significant part of beauty, and we can be pretty obsessed with our locks. This obsession tends to be magnified on our wedding day, as many things are!


 There can be many pressures about how your hair ‘should’ look – from worries about the weather causing mess if your hair is down, to choosing  over the many style options of an up-do, not to mention the endless ‘hairinspiration’ photos to be found online and thinking, which of these is right for me?

 Our advice in helping any bride to make the decision would be to focus on two main questions: first, what suits the dress? And secondly, ( most importantly) what are you most comfortable with? Let’s focus for now on the latter.

 When it came to making the decision for your own wedding, try to take  a step back (many years back) and remembered how it felt to be a young girl, imagining yourself  as a grown-up woman getting married.          


 Maybe in that time you already had the vision wear your hair up in chic chignon or have bohemian waves with beautiful flower crown.   


 Perhaps you  know you want  your  hair  up, hairstyles as updos suits you, is that you've  always felt comfortable with it tied back, you’ve enjoyed wearing up-dos and having your hair styled off  face. You’ve also always found it easier – once it’s up, its up, and there’s no maintenance required.

 However, for every girl who loves wearing their hair up, there’s another who prefers it down. And, in most cases, they always will have.      We have worked with many brides with the most beautiful thick hair, who want nothing more than to show it off at its best on their wedding day.


 And rightly so. Bridal hairstyles down are exquisite, and girls who love to wear their hair down will feel nothing less than perfect if they decide to go down this route for their wedding. The thing is, brides who choose to wear their hair down tend to be girls who always wear their hair down – bottom line, they feel the most comfortable, beautiful and confident with their hair down. It’s the same reasoning for brides who choose to wear their hair up – it just feels just right for them.


 So, being in he middle of  the stresses and endless to-do lists involved in planning your wedding, take a step back and think about what it is that you really want – not what fashion and trends and family members want, or think you should do.


 Think back to memories or occasions (a good opportunity to look through old photos) in your life when you felt the most beautiful and confident – was your hair down? If so, then maybe down is the way to go for your wedding day.

 There are always ‘half-up’ options too, which can be a lovely way to show off your hair while keeping it directly off your face. This is quite a popular route for brides who are torn between up or down.


 Some brides begin the day with their hair up, then have their hair change   the style into hair down for the evening (we have a special option 'hair change' in our service list) it can be  lovely surprise for your groom and guests).

 The dress also plays a part in deciding how your hair should be worn – if you want to show off back-detail or shoulders then that can help you to make a decision. Bridal boutiques can offer great advice during wedding dress fittings – and you’ll get a feel for what looks better with certain dresses as you try on various styles.

 You want to look back on your wedding day as the most wonderful experience, knowing that everything was perfect for you. So, follow your heart and trust your own sense of style, and on the day you’ll feel the happiest you’ve ever felt.