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  Your wedding morning will soon be here; a big congrats!

 No doubt, every detail has been meticulously planned: where to stay the night before, what time hair and makeup are due, and what time to be out the door to walk down the aisle.

 Did you think about all that goes into getting ready on the morning of your wedding day?

 Many brides and their bridesmaids overlook planning for the morning of the wedding day. Yet think about it – the getting ready portion of your morning could be quite lengthy if the ceremony starts later in the afternoon.  Many wedding ceremonies are planned to start around 2:00 to 4:00 pm time-frame. The morning is the only real downtime you have on the big day to reflect before the curtains are drawback and the show begins.

 This part of the day will have a lot of emotion and fun. With a little pre-planning (and following the tips in this getting ready article), you will be well on your way to a bridal morning to remember!


 First things first  - getting hair and makeup done for all bridal party.

 It’s obvious to say that overall you will be more relaxed having your hair and makeup done on-site. That means your glam squad comes to you. 

 The worry of rushing around diminishes, as there are no complicated transportation schedules needed, and you can create a “home base” of sorts.

 This allows the bride, bridesmaids, moms, and whomever else joins in the fun the ability to relax all in one place.

 It might be necessary to set first appointments quite early if you have a large bridal party.  Getting your hair and makeup done can take a few hours. Therefore, it is important to have an area that offers a calm and relaxing zone where you can take a breath, big enough to fit all the bridal party and all artists. Defiantly all bridesmaids would like to be in the room while the bride is getting glammed. 


 What to Wear While Getting Ready


 Have you stumbled across a few fantastic photos on Pinterest of brides surrounded by their bridesmaids, mimosas in hand, each wearing a cute matching robe?

 A lot of those photos aren’t from a styled shoot. They are from a well-organized bride who clearly planned ahead to achieve a similar look.

 Besides looking fabulous and well-coordinated for getting-ready shots, there’s a good reason for all the robes and button-down shirts seen on Pinterest. Can you guess why?

 It may seem obvious, but wearing a shirt you must pull over your head after having your hair done is a disaster waiting to happen!

 As a rule of thumb, whenever professionally getting hair and makeup done, wear a robe or a button-down shirt.  That way, you won’t need to worry about pulling a piece of clothing over your face and potentially ruining all the beautiful work.

 What about getting ready outfits for Bridesmaids?

 Hands down, robes make great gifts for the bridal party.  They actually make a useful gift that can be worn over and over again long after the wedding day.

 Present robe gifts to your gals either at the rehearsal dinner the night before or the morning of the wedding while getting ready together.

 Tips for a Calm Wedding Morning

 Lay Out Accessories the Night Before 

 If you haven’t already, definitely lay out your dress, shoes, and bridal accessories the week before the big day. This is an especially good idea if you have a destination wedding or have to get up early to go to the studio/salon in the morning. You don’t want to get there and find that the veil has been left at home.

 Don’t Forget to Eat

 With nerves, emotions, and butterflies working themselves into a frenzy in your stomach, you may find that your appetite is gone.  It is very important to make sure you drink water and eat something before the wedding.

Even better, why not have mimosas and breakfast bites on hand for you and your bridal party when you wake up?

 Tips for Amazing Getting-Ready Photos

  •  Pinterest and wedding blogs – These tools make it easy to find loads of getting-ready photos for inspiration. The great idea is to look through some images and either make notes or send the link to your photographer.  This way, there might be a certain pose you love or a certain detail that you would like to get a shot off. Don’t be afraid to let them know.

  •   Find a room with lots of natural light – If you are getting ready at home, this tip is something you will want to do ahead of time.  Make sure you have the perfect well-lit room that is organized, dusted, and ready to go for the morning of the shoot.


  •  Have all your accessories ready – One of the most helpful things a bride can do for their photographer is to have invitations, bouquets, dresses, jewelry, shoes, and rings (both bride’s and groom’s) ready and waiting in the room. This makes getting the detail shots quick and easy for the photographer and leaves the rest of the day focused on you!

  •  Turn up the music – The getting ready portion of the day easily has to be the most emotional, with feelings of nervousness, anticipation, excitement,  joy,  tears, and laughter!  To cool your nerves and keep any tension at ease, create a playlist with some of your favorite tunes.

That’s all for today. We hope you have an amazing time getting ready on your wedding day — enjoy every moment!

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