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Your wedding day is
likely to be the most photographed day of
your life. But, just like the most glamorous aspects
of a wedding, your makeup requires a certain level
of organisation, and the earlier you start to think about it, the less stressful it will be on the day.

 Stay Hydrated 


 Makeup is a magical thing, but it can only do so much. Therefore, you’re going to need to put in some work in the run-up to the big day to make sure your skin is looking it is very best.

 For this, we highly recommend upping your water intake.


 You’ve probably heard this over and over again, but it really works.


 Drink three liters of water a day for at least two weeks before your wedding, and you will notice a vast improvement. Skin will glow from within, and you will also see a big difference in the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Плетеные красоты

 Start early with skincare.


 Before you even start to think about makeup, you need to get a good skincare regime in place.


 As dead cells accumulate on the skin, they interfere with light reflection giving it a dull appearance. The solution: Regular exfoliation paired with a brightening serum to give you the best lit-from-within glow on your wedding day.

 Regular exfoliation removes dead cells to improve radiance and can enhance the absorption of skin-brightening products through the skin.    

 We recommend investing in a toner that will “break down the dead and dull layers of the skin and reduce breakouts,” followed by a  luxurious moisturizer. 


 Most women have dehydrated skin, so a good moisturizer is key.


 Set a Trial session 


 Your trial is such an important part of your hair & makeup process.

On your wedding day, you want to look good and feel confident. Knowing how you might look beforehand is very important.


 You have a dress fitting to ensure everything fits right, so having a makeup trial before the wedding day is also necessary.


 Having a makeup trial is the best way to ensure you are happy about the makeup, check for any sensitivity on the skin, and test the durability of the makeup before the wedding day.

 Aim to look yourself 


 The most important thing for a bride is to feel comfortable and confident on her wedding day.


 However, we do suggest avoiding incorporating any trends into your final look.

 “We tend to advise against trends: you run the risk of it appearing dated when looking back at your photos in years to come, so unless you’re a real fashionista and looking to capture a trend at the time of your wedding, we would suggest steering clear.”

 Adding that your makeup should be a reflection of your personal style. 

“My aim when getting a bride ready is to make her still feel like herself, but the most beautiful she's felt,” Alesia S.

bridal hairstyle Paris france updo style

  There's no point in doing a full smokey eye or a flick liner and a red lip if you're a nudes kind of girl. You're wedding day isn't the time to take risks.

 Pack a Touch-Up Kit 


 We  always recommend to brides pack a few touch-up products on their wedding day.

Whether you give them to your bridesmaids or leave them in your room at your venue, these essentials ensure your makeup looks fresh all day long.


 In addition to a foundation stick, pressed powder and lipstick, we suggest packing some cotton buds and blotting papers.

 Cotton buds are perfect for catching tears and won't smudge your makeup like a tissue, while blotting papers are a quick and easy way to take off any excess shine and keep your makeup looking perfect for longer. 

 Most important is to RELAX 

 By now, you've probably heard a thousand times that your wedding day will pass in the blink of an eye, you have to enjoy every second of it, and its completely true.  

 But it is not easy  to enjoy it while being in the middle of hard work of  planning.  


 Its normal to have some of anxiety in the hours, days, weeks, or even months leading up to your wedding. Just take your time and relax. It is easier to said then done.


 Surround yourself with family and friends that make you laugh, have a great talks and remember this is your day!

 Treat yourself to a  day in spa, full-body massage with your favorite oil scent. You seriously deserve it after all this time planning.


 It is very important for you to have you-moment, take a breath, take a small moment with your husband to take in the venue, the people and everything you have worked months preparing for.


 Relax and enjoy every part that goes right equally with anything that might go wrong on the day, what will be- will be.

 Have a wonderful wedding and enjoy every moment of it.

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