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Congratulations! You’re engaged and ready to move forward with wedding planning. It’s time to book your hair and makeup trial… We put together some tips and advice to make the most out of your bridal trial!

A bridal trial is a preview of your hair and/or makeup for your big day! It’s important to make the most out of it. Your artist wants to be able to create exactly what you envision and these tips will help you both achieve that!

What to wear? 

We suggest wearing a shirt that is white or a colour that resembles your dress. Why? It’s a great way to get an idea of how your hair and makeup will look with your dress and help you better visualize!

Come alone to your appointment or with a maximum of 1 trusted person!

It may be tempting to bring your bridal party to your beauty appointment, but WE NEED TO HEAR YOU! It is never a good idea to have several people give their opinions. We want to hear your thoughts, not the unsolicited opinions of your friends and family. This is your day; you need to feel and look the way YOU WANT,  not what other people want you to look.

Bring inspiration photos

We want to know what you like and what inspirers you.

To ensure everything goes well, COMMUNICATION is key! Make sure to have pictures with you of what you are looking for as far as your hair & makeup. You can try and describe the look you want as well as you can but everyone has a different interpretation of what natural is, glam, smokey, curls, waves, messy updo, and so on. It can be several pictures so we can discuss together what would be best for you!

When finding pictures. It is also helpful if the pictures have a similar hair or eye color as you. Hair will look a lot different on a highlighted blonde then one with black hair.  Also if the hairstyle you like has a lot of hair & makeup picture and you have short thin hair, it will not look the same. The same goes with makeup. Makeup looks different on someone with blue eyes than brown. 

Prepare your skin and hair

Having a simple, every day skincare routine is always the best! We don’t need you to do anything special for your trial. We only need your face cleaned and moisturized, no makeup please. We also clean your face with gentle micellar water and prep your skin with the right products before the makeup application. Same with hair, nothing extraordinary before the trial, please don’t deep condition the night before the appointment, just wash, condition and blowdry it.

Bring your veil and hair piece if you already have one

If you picked the dress, you probably have the veil as well. Please bring it with you for your makeup and hair appointment so we can see what’s the best way to secure it. Same thing with the hairpiece if you have one, we can play around and see what it looks like with your dream updo or soft waves.


When it comes to planning the big day, it can quickly become overwhelming, making sure every small detail has been thought of. However weddings should be a time of celebration! A time where your friends & family gather to celebrate the love that both you & your significant other share. And it deserves to be nothing short of perfect!

So that’s why we are here – to take some stress away. So here is your go-to guide on planning your hair & makeup for your wedding day!

Start the day before!

Only one more sleep before your big day! How exciting!!
Today is the day to get everything prepared for tomorrow, so then when you wake up it is nothing but pure bliss.


-Exfoliate your skin

The night before your big day is the best time to start prepping your face and hair. Gentle exfoliation will help your makeup apply and look flawless with a minimal amount.   

-Remember to moisturize your skin.

Constant moisturizing is key. Use your regular skincare regime; we don't need you to do anything special for your wedding day. 

-Prepare your hair the day before

Wash your hair the day/night before, fully blow dry, or leave it to air dry. Use your regular shampoo and conditioner routine. Avoid rich hair treatments or oil-based products.  

It’s your wedding day!!

Your big day is finally here! 

There is nothing you need to do on your wedding day other than go with the flow of what the day brings. All of the preparation you’ve done prior to the day means you can! 

Generally speaking, our hair & make-up team will come first thing in the morning (with a scheduled time that suits you).


All bridal party should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to their prescheduled appointments with their hair also clean and dry with a clean face with no makeup.

​We will work our magic & before you know it, you’ll be walking down the aisle!

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